Bayer QuickBayt Fly Bait	 350mg - TATO'S MALLETS

Bayer QuickBayt Fly Bait 350mg


 No person or animal likes nuisance flies, and this

fast-acting ready-to-use bait was specifically designed with a mixture of
attractants to control flies around livestock facilities and stables. Quickbayt
Fly Bait can be used as a scatter bait or easily used in bait stations or as a


Within 60 seconds annoying flies are killed, using its red
pellets that contain two fly attractactants to lure them in quickly. Can be
conveniently used indoors and outdoors so wherever you or your horse are,
you'll be free of these flying pests. Horse stables, poultry houses, dairy
barns, swine facilities and feedlots can all benefit from use of this on their
premise so your facility remains comfortable.