Bombers Classic Dee Cherry Roller Snaffle - TATO'S MALLETS

Bombers Classic Dee Cherry Roller Snaffle

The Dee Ring is very similar in action to the Eggbutt, it will prevent pinching of the lips and gives a slightly more solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth. The release is slower and some slight poll pressure is introduced.


The Cherry Rollers roll in the horses mouth giving him something to play with and reducing the likelihood of the bit being held in the horse's teeth. They are constructed tightly so there is no chance of pinching. When pulling on the reins, the rollers allow the bit to move along the bars of the horse's jaws as opposed to rubbing.


Very useful for horses that:


  • Lose sensitivity over time
  • Lose concentration
  • Cross their jaws
  • ***Please note due to oxidisation the blue will fade with use.***