HIT-AIR CO2 Cartridge


Replacement CO2 cartridges made specially for Hit Air vests and jackets. You would not travel down the road without a spare tire for your horse trailer. Do not leave home with out a spare co2 for your vest! We all will forget to unclip so make sure you have extra for those “oh no” moments. 

Buy a spare and store it with your gear, just in case.

Sizes: 50cc, 60cc

You must always use a Hit-Air Brand CO2 Cartridges for your Hit-Air Vest!

ATTENTION, some retailers offer generic CO2 Cartridges at attractive prices.

You must not use these cartridges for a few reasons:
– technical compatibility issues (not the same gas volume, screw thread, etc.)
– lower quality compared to Hit-Air cartridges (seal, corrosion, fragility, etc.)
– loss of CE certification for the product and violation of manufacturer warranty
– proper functioning of the airbag system is not guaranteed

Please find below some precautions for your cartridges:

  • The cartridge is for single use only. You must replace the cartridge with the same type after each inflation.
  • If rust or other corrosive marks appear on the outer surface of the cartridge, please change it immediately.
  • The cartridge should not be stored in high humidity environments or temperatures below 32°F and above 104°F. Do not expose full cartridges to extreme low or high temperatures (in direct sunlight, near a radiator, etc) for long periods of time.